4 Reasons that Keep a Small Business From Availing Funds

small Business loan

Perhaps there is no need to explain how difficult it is for a small business to enter survive while maintaining the due financial stability.  Now and then, the frequent conditions of money raise the demand for external and additional financial assistance to handle varied expenses and costs.

Business loans can act as the saviour for small business persons; however, unfortunately, several reasons stand as the obstacle and stop a small business from availing funds.

1.    Insufficient cash flow

As we know, small businesses always struggle with the financial crisis, and their income is mostly under strain due to debts and other obligations. From the arrangement of funds for working capital to dealing with the other future goals, the small businesses have to struggle a lot.

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The lack of resources and a continuous struggle between the blurred margins of profit and loss make it difficult for a small business to qualify for a loan. However, by giving some attention to the money management and through proper handling of expenses, it is possible to convince the lender to approve funds.

The most important thing is that a business should always take care of its financial limits while getting into a new obligation. In the greed to grow fast, people take varied loans and then fail to manage them later. It is better to borrow only for the precise requirement.

2.    Bad credit situation


Poor credit situation is one of the most challenging conditions for a small business; it presents a series of challenging conditions in which a business loses its path to growth and also stability. To grow further in the market and to earn a more significant profit, it is necessary to avail funds for varied purposes. With low credit, it isn’t straightforward to get approval on their loan application.

However, at the same time, it is something that is not impossible to change. Exploring the option suitable in this condition is the best thing to do. The online business loans for bad credit present an opportunity to the business persons to work on their financial plans and also improve their credit score. They are easy to obtain due to paperless procedure.

The personalisation feature of the loans makes the deal affordable also by showing an improvement in current financial behaviour of the business such as paying the debts and bills on time it is easier to get some flexibility on the interest rate. The abundance of private lenders in the lending market can surely help to pick some less expensive loan offers.

3.    Poor Character

·        Weak References

·        Bad Reputation

·        Weak Future growth chances

·        Record of bad debts

·        Status of business clients etc.

When it comes to borrowing funds, with a strong financial background, a business needs a good character. Goodwill in the market is an essential factor for the lenders. 

Small businesses sometimes fail to establish the right name in the industry. They do not earn the fame just like a famous brand; their ‘anonymous’ status makes it difficult for the lender relies on the payback capacity. They find it insignificant to consider loan applications from such businesses.

Top brands get easy loans despite their bumpy finances because their image in the market is right. If people love to buy a product or service and repeatedly give positive feedback, the concerned business person can easily avail funds.

Even if there is a slight imperfection on the other parts of affordability, a popular business can borrow on goodwill. Clarks, the famous fashion brand can get accessible funds due to its vast market size and also good character report from the customers.

4.    Unorganised business accounts

Small businesses sometimes forget the importance of organised business accounts,  especially the significance of documents signed by an accountant. They fail to keep a proper record of financial transactions.

Normal flaws on this part is –

·        Incomplete mention of income and outgoing

·        Unclear details of payments received, and bills paid

·        The mix of personal and business accounts etc.


Applying for funds with improper financial documents is the magnet for rejection. Every lender has to follow the basic rules set by the financial regulatory authorities, and according to those rules, a borrower should have pertinent details that prove to repay capacity. In case the applicant fails to provide that, a lender cannot consider the application for the loan approval.

It is always advisable to hire an accountant and let him/her handle the business accounts properly. Timely tax filing and mention of every small and big detail related to business finances is necessary not only to obtain a small loan but also for the future wellbeing of the business. Nothing in the commercial world can prove its existence without due records; it is the reason that the people should always have a due system in place to manage their commercial finances.

 All the above situations make small businesses weak on the eligibility criteria set by the lending industry. But at the same time, every situation has its solution. Important is to pay attention to the weaknesses and deal with the conditions accordingly.