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3 Latest Tights Trends Of The Season And How To Wear Them With SWAG!

If you think tights are way too old to make you look trendy – think again. Although it was out of fashion for some time, the last few seasons have definitely turned around the tables. Brands like Chanel, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, and our favorite Pamela Mann have flooded the market with the latest tights trends. Even models at the New York Fashion Week ramped down with these tights on and showcased some of their best winter fashion trends. 

I know you are eager to try them too. But, there are too many, and it’s hard to choose one. So, here we have round-up three latest tights trends to start with. Now, let’s cut the chase and see what they are and how you can wear them with SWAG. 

The Bold Pattern Look For a Bold Personality

If you have a bold personality, go for styling bold prints. These are something that perfectly beautifies the boldness of your nature in style. It may sound you tricky in general, but once you try it, you will know what I am talking about. However, you need to take care of things; else, you will end up feeling reminiscent of your schoolhouse days. To avoid that, remember this tip – less is more. Partly patterned tops with plain tummy tuck tights by is ample to make you look gorgeous. Whereas a fully patterned dress will make you look a little odd. 

Choosing the right design is just half the battle. You must experiment with your attire with classic motifs and more subdued colors. Make use of a well-tailored skirt along with tights for a leg-lengthening effect.

Bright Up Your Wear With a Bright Color 

When going for a classic head to toe print, inject a bright color in your wear using colorful tights. They elevate the monochromatic look of your dress to the next level. Nothing can match the result of solid-colored tights in vibrant hues underneath your skirt. Contrary, luxury opaque tights work like a charm with zed black or bright outfits. 

 In case, you’re opting for a printed frock, choose a shade that correctly matches the alignment or simply compliments the attire. Yet, indeed, they are not a cup of tea for faint hearts. Also, give attention to your shoes. Choose one equally bold, like your dress, to fully lean into the retro vibes.

Heading To Gym? Then Go For Thong Tights

Thong tights are perfect for accentuating your curves and looks super cute too. Apart from sportswear, these are perfect for some iconic outfits. From Rihanna to Kim Kardashian West – most celebrities use thong tights to get that desired flirty look.

Also Give a try to Pamela Mann tights, they have a plethora of varieties and styles. Plus, you can leverage the festival discount. So, what are you waiting for? Get one for you today and experience that astounding attention at the gym. Watch out; many will slip away on that treadmill!