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2019 – The Year of Tights

When all is down the drain, rely on tights! 2019 has been the year of pantyhose, and this trend is not going anywhere, any time soon. If you still haven’t got your perfect pair of tights, now’s your time. Here’s a quick guide to finding out all about tights, before you begin your retail therapy. Your life might not be perfect, but your style can be.

charnos tights

Fashion has a list of staples that every wardrobe needs to have, and tights are one of those staples. Tights are a must-have in every lingerie drawer, being just as important as the basic thong and the little black dress. So how do you choose your perfect pair of tights, there are plenty of choices in the market.

Two factors determine your perfect pair of tights – Denier, and Style.

  • Denier is the value which indicates the thickness of any pair of tights. Check with the weather app on your phones for the forecast of the weather of the day. And then choosing which pair to wear and assemble your outfit of the day accordingly.
  • Style is another aspect that plays a crucial role in deciding what kind of tights you wear today. Charnos tights, suspenders, and hold-ups can dress you up for any occasion that you have in your upcoming calendars.

Use your tights to laze down and curl into a ball in a corner, in your beds, watching your current favorite show on Netflix. You could also dress up cozy in your favorite coffee nook and down an entire book with your perfect snug pair of Charnos tights. Have a New Year’s party to attend, spruce up your look with Charnos hold-ups for a sexy touch, leaving you looking irresistible. Sue the Charnos open crotch pantyhose and sheer knickers to get your bedroom life excited up!

From daily printed tights to stockings. From the rare ballerina tights to invisible ones for the professional everyday office-work looks. From hold-ups to regular all-weather denier stockings, Charnos has it all. Tights are the next best thing to skin. This Christmas season, make sure to get your hands on some Charnos tights, Charnos suspenders, Charnos hold ups and spice up your lives. Gift it to your near and dear ones. A luxury pair of tights is all they require in their wardrobe. They’ll never get another pair from elsewhere, that’s a promise we guarantee. Get your perfect pair today.