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20 Must Try Nail Art Ideas to Flaunt in 2022 – Most Creative Nail Designs

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Even though the time may seem uncertain, one thing we are sure about is nail art isn’t going anywhere!

We are back with the crazy nail designs of 2022, and they’re as fabulous as you. So you can either step out this icy season to find a nail salon that will do your favorite art, we did our part by bringing you this amazing collection of every single save-worthy nail art idea for the entire year.

No matter if you are looking for cute nail designs for everyday use or special occasion ideas for example, birthday nail ideas – we have got your back!

What are you waiting for? Hop on and check out our list of best nail design ideas.

In this post, you will find everything from the latest twists on your favorite French manicure to DIY rainbow, geometrical, and velvet nails. We have something for every event, season, vibe, and mood, and each design is suitable for different shapes here.

Even if you are not trying these out at home, we are sure you would love some inspiration before you set out to your salon next door.

20 Best Nail Design Ideas To Try This Year

Velvet Tips 

Undoubtedly, the velvet nails trend took social media by storm for the holidays. But the festivities haven’t ended yet. All you need to do is tone down the breathtaking style by putting all the glitz to the nail tips. 


Mismatch is Back

Looking for unique nail design ideas? Go with differently colored nails on each hand to pop out your favorite shades altogether! Take it one step further by using cute and of-the-moment color palettes like lilac, mustard, and moss green.

‘Coz You’re a Sunflower

Let your nails channel down the summer-y vibes throughout the year with these cute sunflowers nail design. The idea is so easy to do it yourself at home enough by just using a toothpick and a solid yellow polish.

Evergreen French Manicure 

The French mani isn’t going anywhere soon. You can choose from a gamut of different ways to flaunt it. Do it however you like and make sure the finishing is clean since that’s what it is all about!

Pretty Golden Swirls 

Want your hands to look luxe and elegant? The golden swirl nail art is way more easy than it seems as a DIY nail design idea. You just have to manage a tiny brush for detailing, a metallic gold nail polish, and a crisp, bright white shade. 

Black & White Flowers 

People who love black nail designs would definitely like this one. These black and white nails look super cool and graphic, especially when you pair them up with traditional designs – such as sunflowers. 

Pastel Swirls 

One look at this pastel, metallic, and ombré design can make anyone fall in love with your hands. The best thing is they are ust nail wraps, so you can go back to your original nails or get these anytime you need without having to wait for your salon appointment.


Give the regular checkerboard design a level up with some pop of colors. This cute design is enjoying a moment in the nail fashion and we bet you would have seen one in your Instagram feed too! So it makes complete sense to give your nails the same feel. Do the design around the tips for a more quirky factor. 


The 90s Butterflies 

For girls who can’t resist cute nail designs, we are sure they will find their perfect match in these beautiful retro looks. For us, the only thing cuter than these decals is sprucing them up with a throwback French mani!

Foil French 

What if we tell you to blend two greatest nail design ideas of this year for a new masterpiece? Take this intense green foil French situation for an example!

Holographic Mani 

We haven’t seen anything more amazing than a captivating manicure that takes little to no effort at all! Simply use a holographic nail paint, and it will do the job for you. To be honest, this is one of our most favorite looks for a super-shiny nail moment. 


Popping Pastel Tips 

Just give this nail design a try and you will be amazed to see a new variation of French tips. This cute rainbow of pastel polish shades makes the design look more modern and traditional at the same time!

Florals Miniatures

No, you definitely don’t need a green thumb to adore these dainty daisies. Just get yourself a toothpick or use a bobby pin’s end to get the perfectly symmetrical dots. Easy-peasy!

Mix & Match

Go extra by ding a different nail design on each finger rather than sticking to one. Try some of these trendiest nail art designs to stand out from the rest. We suggest referring to a bright color palette to make things even more eye-catchy!

Pink or Blue Ombré

Can’t choose between one shade? Make your nail paint collection handy by putting a different tone of one color on each nail! You can even mix the base shade with different levels of white to get the same finishing. Ombre pink or blue nail design is one of our top picks!

Graphic Edge 

Negative space nail design will always be the coolest thing ever. We are especially loving these graphic black and gold take on the art.

Glitter-y Graphic

Go to your next party looking like you just got your nails done from a luxe salon with this “sparkle” art. Even the no-glitter fans will go gaga over this adorable nail design idea.

Hearts with Negative Spaces

A pop of red hearts with negative spaces not only look cool but also damn cute. For an easy DIY, polish the nails using a heart-shaped sticker, let it dry, and peel the sticker off for seamless finishing.

Smiley Faces

The internet isn’t complete without spreading some joy in the form of cute emojis and that’s what this interesting nail design is all about. Our smiley-face nail design idea is viral and you can spot it on your favorite celebs including Dua Lipa, Harry Styles and every other blogger on Instagram!

Black or Blue Sparkles 

Want a lasting blue or black moment? This sparkle take on ordinary nails is something you must try. We recommend decorating only a few nails to keep it natural and go for a lighter shade of blue – like ice blue color palette or bold black to keep everything feeling fresh.

These are some of our favorite nail design ideas for 2022 and we hope to see most of them rocking years later!

Which one are you going to try?

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