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10 Fun Things to Do with Marijuana

10 Fun Things to Do with Marijuana

Smoking marijuana can accentuate any situation. Long gone are the days of having a smoke and downing a bag of chips. Well, those days still do happen, too. However, today’s marijuana is a more versatile folk. Here are ten creative and fun things to do while high.

1. Go for a Walk in Nature

One of the many benefits of cannabis is that it helps millions of people relax. A significant reason why we have trouble relaxing is because of the information overload surrounding us in our daily lives. 

We’re bombarded with social media, work emails, TV shows, etc. Our minds never get an opportunity to rest. 

Nature allows us to hit that reset button. It strips away all the chatter and allows you to “be.” 

Combining cannabis with nature will really help you release your inhibitions. You will pick up the little things, like a shift in the wind, bird calls, pretty leaves, and more. 

2. Paint

Many studies suggest that marijuana helps people tap into their creativity. That’s because THC binds to CB1 receptors located in the brain. These receptors influence emotional and behavioral reactions. 

Painting is an excellent way to tap into those emotions. However, many of us tend to be critical of our work or overthink the process. 

Smoking cannabis before painting helps alleviate those concerns. You’ll be less judgemental in what you’re producing. Instead, you’ll be more apt to immerse yourself in the experience and create a true reflection of how you’re feeling inside. 

Still think you need some tutelage? Take some edibles with friends and sign up for a Paint Night class!

3. Workout

Smash the stigma of being a couch potato by crushing your health goals with cannabis! Many athletes use cannabis to help with pain, including Michael Phelps, Conor McGregor, and Calvin Johnson.

CB1 receptors are also present in muscles and tissues. When we work out, it causes stress on these body parts. The body reacts by prompting the immune system to spark inflammation. Once the body heals, inflammation will cease, and things will go on as normal. 

Vaping cannabis before a workout can help soothe CB1 receptors that signal that the muscles are stressed. In fact, some studies show that using cannabis before running helps runners run longer. 

Plus, cannabis makes things more fun. Nothing is more monotonous than cardio day. Put on good tunes and jam while getting your workout on. 

4. Watch a Good Show

While there are many active things that you can do after consuming cannabis, nothing beats watching a good show while high. Television shows and movies are more than just entertainment. They are temporary escapes from our everyday stressors. 

Smoking marijuana before watching TV can help you shut off the to-do list running through your head. It gives you a clean slate to laugh, cry, or scream along with the TV. 

5. Go to a Concert

Music moves the soul. It connects people from all walks of life. Take your concert experience to the next level with marijuana.

Marijuana heightens your senses because of its interaction with CB1 receptors. Strobe lights are more vibrant, beats become amplified, and lyrics hit differently.

Also, smoking marijuana can help you loosen up. You’ll care less how silly you look bobbing along to your favorite tracks.

6. Check Out a New Restaurant

Food and marijuana go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s easy to fall into old habits when smoking weed. You know what tastes good, and you naturally crave it. 

Use your next smoke session as an opportunity to explore your taste buds. Try something new.

Get Ethiopian food and roll up some legume stew in injera bread. Head to a raw vegan restaurant and try a cashew lasagna. Go to a BBQ joint and get those ribs you’ve always heard about it. 

Smoking marijuana makes everything taste better. This is the best time to order outside of your comfort zone.

7. Stargaze

Too late to go for a hike? Then, hop through the galaxy lying on your back. Take in some fresh air and gaze at the stars above. 

Looking at the vastness of the universe can really put life into perspective. Suddenly, everything seems so little and insignificant. 

Clear your head and a good bong and take in the beauty that is the planet. We highly recommend lying on the ground on a comfortable spot of grass, swinging in a hammock, or rocking on a porch swing!

8. Play with your Pet

Have you ever seen that viral video a few years ago where drunk people were introduced to puppies? Naturally, most people cried from happiness. This contagious behavior is not much different if you’re high.

We are our animals’ worlds. Yet, we’re always busy working, being parents, or hanging with friends. 

You’ll be more present with them after smoking weed. Get high and hang with your dog or cat. Play some tug of war or dangle a string. Of course, you can always call them for a cuddle during your binge-athon!

9. Go to the Beach

Fun in the sun is much more fun when you’re riding the high of an edible. Close your eyes and listen as the waves crash. It’s the ultimate form of relaxation.

Going to the beach is also a good time to disconnect from the world. Bring a good book. You will get lost in the plot without the typical everyday distractions.

Being high might make you less sensitive to the sun’s rays. Make sure you stay hydrated and apply sunscreen regularly.

10. Soak in a Bubble Bath

Marijuana is good for soothing aches and pains. Increase the pleasure by unwinding in a bubble bath.

Add some Epsom salts or CBD bath bombs to your bathwater. These will help ease your muscle soreness and improve your overall mood.

Bubble baths help lower your cortisol levels. Cortisol is your stress hormone. When we endure chronic stress, we produce too much cortisol. This will interrupt how our bodies produce melatonin, our sleep hormone. Therefore, combining marijuana with a bubble bath is the 1-2 combo you need for the knockout punch before bed!